5.5 – Optional: practice in Adobe Connect with Maria

Maria Costea, our technical specialist, has offered a couple of times that she can be available in our Adobe Connect room so that you can practice if you would like before our synchronous micro-teaching experience on July 6 and 7. 

Please note that the times provided are “drop in” times, so it may be necessary to wait if someone is already practicing in the room. If you would like to give Maria a heads up as to when you plan on being there, please message her at [email protected].

The drop in times are as follows (always in our Adobe Connect room: http://classroad.adobeconnect.com/room) (Links to an external site.)

Monday, July 26am PT – 7am PT
Monday, July 21pm PT – 2pm PT
Monday, July 25pm PT – 6pm PT
Tuesday, July 36am PT – 7am PT
Tuesday, July 31pm PT – 2pm PT
Tuesday, July 35pm PT – 6pm PT
Wednesday, July 46am PT – 7am PT
Wednesday, July 41pm PT – 2pm PT
Wednesday, July 45pm PT – 6pm PT
Thursday, July 56am PT – 7am PT
Thursday, July 51pm PT – 2pm PT
Thursday, July 55pm PT – 6pm PT
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