4.5 – Discussion: Refining my Learning Plan Template

4.5 – Discussion: Refining my Learning Plan Template

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By now, you should have completed the top portion of the Learning Plan Template and at least one (hopefully two) “Learning Experiences” in the template.

Take some time now to review the discussions in which you have participated, the material you have been studying, and the feedback you have received and use that information to refine your learning plan template. 

As you are refining it, remember to

  • check your lessons and practice activities, as well as assessments against your established learning targets
  • ensure that you have purposefully included strategies to embed the learning targets throughout the learning experiences
  • maximize your use of the target language and supported students’ comprehension and acquisition of the language through visuals, gestures, multiple checks for understanding, etc.

Post your reflections here in this discussion thread by sharing:

  • what you noticed in your lessons when you reviewed them,
  • what you strengths you find in the learning experiences you have designed, and
  • what you have refined based on our work in this program.

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