5.3 – Get feedback on your lessons

Note that this is an assignment, but you won’t submit anything to this page. Instead, you will complete this assignment in one of the discussion threads located beneath this item in Module 5 in Canvas. As you design your instruction, choose a learning experience that you have questions about or on which would like some additional guidance or feedback to facilitate your planning. Submit that lesson and/or your questions about lesson design to one of the following people using the discussion threads created in this module in Canvas: 

  • 5.3a – Jennifer Eddy if you would like more help with backwards design or the use of learning targets
  • 5.3b – Christine Lanphere if you would like more help with staying in the target language for that lesson
  • 5.3c – Nicole Naditz for any other topic.

Remember that you MUST choose ONE of the options above in order to complete this assignment. If you have questions that are specific to your language, or the cultures that speak your language, remember to check the course calendar for the weekly office hours of your Language Specialist, and/or send him/her a question through Canvas.

One final note: in order to ensure that you have time to use the feedback/answers you receive to refine the micro-teaching learning experience you are designing, and due to the July 4 holiday, the timeline is very short, and late work will compromise your ability to benefit from feedback. The timeline is provided below:

  1. July 2: your questions/lessons are due to your chosen “expert.”
  2. By the end of the day July 4: experts provide feedback
  3. July 5: participants refine their lessons
  4. July 6-7: synchronous online microteaching experiences
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