5.4 – Refine Your Lesson

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Now that you have had time to draft a short learning episode and receive feedback from experts, it’s time to refine your learning experience before you actually teach it on July 6 or 7. 

  1. Review any relevant course materials up to this point (such as backwards design, the use and communication of learning targets, maintaining instruction in the target language, providing checks for understanding, etc.). Take note of anything that you may want to revisit in your learning episode.
  2. Review the responses and/or feedback you received from the content expert you contacted. Again, take note of anything that you may want to revisit in your learning episode.
  3. Edit your learning episode to reflect what you learned in the course and from the feedback you received from your content expert. Remember that your learning episode should be no more than 10 minutes in length, should have a clear learning target, and should be designed to maximize use of the target language with checks for understanding that let the students and teachers know if the learners are making progress towards the identified learning target.
  4. Submit your learning episode here. There are a number of formats allowed for your submission, including typing directly in response to this post, uploading a file, or sharing a link to a Web page.
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