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Welcome to Module 5!
How can I meaningfully apply best practices in online language learning environments? (part 1)

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This week-long module is devoted to preparing for your Synchronous Online Micro-Teaching using the STARTALK Learning Plan template.  As such, the content of the module has been developed and sequenced to prepare you for successful use of the online tools at your disposal and to further develop your lesson plan and delivery skills.  In addition to the Language Specialist Office Hours, our Technology Specialist Maria will host optional Adobe Connection Practice Sessions for those who would like some additional insight from Maria.

However, you will note that there is a very tight timeline to complete all of the work in the module, especially because of the July 4 holiday. Please be sure to work diligently and observe the due dates of the assignments.

Module 5 Learning Targets

  • I can select daily performance objectives that are focused on proficiency targets I can design opportunities for students to assess their attainment of the targets.I can provide evidence-based feedback to my peers and students.
  • I can plan specific strategies for ensuring that the learning targets are embedded and referenced throughout the lesson. I can design lessons for NOVICE LEARNERS that communicate learning targets to students and continue to reference the learning targets throughout the lesson.
  • I can design target-language comprehensible input for NOVICE language learners.
  • I can provide meaningful feedback to my peers.
  • I can modify lessons based on my own reflections and on feedback I have received.
  • I can develop a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Connect as a platform for synchronous, online teaching and learning through practice with my Peer Group.

Module 5  Activity Table

ActivityDescriptionDue Date
5.1 Module OverviewDescription of module contentBefore 5.2
5.1 A: Reserve your time and date for sychronous online microteaching experienceYou will add your name to one of the tables in a Google Doc in order to reserve your spot for the microteaching experiency on July 6 and 7By 11:59 p.m. July 3
5.2 Background Knowledge ActivatorIn preparation for the focus of this module, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and challenges presented by synchronous online learning experiences.Before 5.3
5.3 Ask the ExpertComplete Learning Experience 2 in your lesson plan template and submit your template, or questions, or just one of the  Learning Experiences to the expert of your choice for feedback.Submit your lesson/Learning Plan Template or questions to the expert of your choice by 11:59 p.m. July 2.
5.4 Refine your lessonReflect on the feedback you have received from the expert of your choice and refine your lesson/Learning Plan Template accordingly.July 5
5.5 Adobe Connect Practice with Maria (Optional for your Peer Group)Maria is willing to offer this optionaltime to meet with her to rehearse in and answer any final questions about Adobe Connect.Drop in hours will be posted in the calendar. This is optional.
5.6 Synchronous MicroteachingYour time to shine! You will teach a mini lesson and receive feedback from your peers.July 6 and 7; times vary. Check module and calendar for more information.
5.7 ReflectionNow that you have both taught and participated in synchronous online learning experiences, what do you see as next steps?By July 9

Micro-teaching Experience

This is a very exciting module. You will be designing and delivering a short (10 minute) lesson to your peers in the course. There is quite a bit of coordination required for the microteaching sessions to work, so it’s important to follow the guidelines set forth here.

  1. Schedule a time with Maria to practice with Adobe Connect before your lesson. Available times will be posted in the Course Calendar
  2. Send your questions and/or lesson to the expert of your choice for feedback before finalizing your synchronous micro-teaching lesson.
  3. Refine your lesson, keeping in mind any feedback you received. 
  4. Deliver your lesson.
  5. Be a “student” in the lessons of your colleagues (who will be in the same Adobe Connect room with you).
  6. Provide feedback to your colleagues.
  7. Review the feedback you receive after you have delivered your lesson.
  8. Use that feedback to collaborate with your teaching group to refine the longer, 60-minute lesson your will finish in the next module for the co-teaching experience with students at the University of Toledo.

To continue

Make sure you’ve noted the due dates for this module before you continue. Remember to log in every day to be successful! Click on the “Next” button to continue to 5.2 Background Knowledge Activator

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