STRONGLY suggested: begin co-planning your 60-minute lesson!

Although this event is technically in Module 6, I will be opening up your access to this particular activity earlier than the rest of the module so you and your peers can begin co-planning the lesson you will deliver on July 11 and 12. Please check back in Canvas for access to these activities in Module 6 beginning on July 5: you will find the instructions and resources listed as item 6.2, even though you won’t be able to see the rest of the module until July 9.

Please remember that you will be working with you group to  co-plan a 60 minute lesson. That lesson should be carefully designed to provide instruction, models/examples and checks for understanding on one or two learning targets that your group agreed upon. You are NOT teaching 4 separate lessons. Further instructions and information will be provided when the content is released to you on July 5. In the meantime, if you are eager to get started, this is a great time to review the information, resources, materials and feedback you have received in modules 1-5.

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