4.1 – Module 4 Overview: Start Here!

Welcome to module 4! This module marks an important transition as we shift from you focusing on learning about teaching practice and lesson design to increasing your focus on the design and delivery of your own lessons. 

In module 4, you will design a short (10-minute) asynchronous lesson, which you will record and post as a link in FlipGrid so that other participants, the instructor and the language specialists can view it. You will also give feedback to two other lessons: one in your target language and one that is not in your target language. 

Please see the module table below that outlines all of your responsibilities. 

Module 4 Learning Targets 

  • I can select daily performance objectives that are focused on proficiency targets I can design opportunities for students to assess their attainment of the targets.I can provide evidence-based feedback to my peers and students.
  • I can plan specific strategies for ensuring that the learning targets are embedded and referenced throughout the lesson. I can design lessons that communicate learning targets to students and continue to reference the learning targets throughout the lesson.
  • I can design target-language comprehensible input for language learners.
  • I can use the online tool, Screencast-O-Matic, or a similar tool to record and share an asynchronous lesson.
  • I can provide meaningful feedback to my peers.
  • I can modify lessons based on my own reflections and on feedback I have received.

Module 4 Activity Table

ActivityDescriptionDue Date
4.1 – Module 4 overviewOverview of the module contentsBefore proceeding to 4.2
4.2 – Module 4 Background ActivatorIn this background activator we’ll reflect on our own personal experiences with asynchronous learning in preparation for the lessons we will design, deliver, and watch in this module.Before proceeding to 4.3
OPTIONAL additional instructionThere are three optional lessons focusing on different aspects of lesson design. You may do any or all of these based on your needs and interests.Optional, but should ideally be completed before designing any instruction
4.3 – asynchronous online teachingYou will design and record a short, asynchronous lesson and post a link to it so that others in the course can watch it and provide you with feedback. You will also provide feedback to lessons developed by other participants.Lessons must be posted by June 29.Feedback on lessons must be posted by June 30.
4.4 – Submit Your Think Aloud  After delivering your asynchronous lesson and receiving written feedback from your peer(s), you will reflect on successes and challenges your experienced and share your thoughts in a Think Aloud. June 30

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead Icon

July 6 and 7 are our synchronous microteaching dates and July 11 and 12 are our University of Toledo teaching dates.

For July 6 and 7, we will have multiple rooms available in Adobe Connect. Each room will have 4-5 participants who will take turns presenting their lessons while the others in the room participate and later provide feedback. There will also be language specialists and/or the lead instructor in the room to participate and provide feedback.

To continue

Once you’ve noted the due dates for the next three days, and you’ve taken note of upcoming due dates, use the Navigation tab at the top left of the page to continue to the next section, 4.2 – Module 4 Background Activator

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