6.1-Module Overview: Start Here!

Welcome to Module 6!
How can I meaningfully apply co-teaching best practices in online language learning environments? (part 2)

This five-day module is devoted to preparing for your Synchronous Online Co-teaching using the STARTALK Learning Plan template.  As such, the content of the module has been developed and sequenced to prepare you for successful collaboration with your Peer Group.  In addition to the Language Specialist Office Hours, our Technology Specialist Maria will host optional Adobe Connection Practice Sessions for Peer Groups if your Peer Group decides it would like some additional insight from Maria.

We strongly suggest that you begin collaborating early with your Peer Group, which means establishing times when you can meet together in Adobe Connect (in one of your personal free-trial Adobe Connect rooms) to discuss and practice your co-teaching.  

Module 6 Learning Targets


  • I can evaluate and discuss approaches for co-teaching by reading and discussing which approach my Peer Group will adopt for our Synchronous Online Co-teaching. 
  • I can collaborate with my Peer Group members to develop and practice our Learning Lesson.
  • I can develop a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Connect as a platform for synchronous, online teaching and learning through practice with my Peer Group.
  • I can select daily performance objectives that are focused on proficiency targets I can design opportunities for students to assess their attainment of the targets.I can provide evidence-based feedback to my peers and students.
  • I can plan specific strategies for ensuring that the learning targets are embedded and referenced throughout the lesson. I can design lessons that communicate learning targets to students and continue to reference the learning targets throughout the lesson.
  • I can design target-language comprehensible input for language learners.
  • I can provide meaningful feedback to my peers.
  • I can modify lessons based on my own reflections and on feedback I have received.

Module 6  Activity Table

ActivityDescriptionDue Date
6.1 Module OverviewAn overview of the content and expectations of this module.  ASAP
6.2 Co-Teaching: Collaborating to Create Comprehensible Input OnlineIn this section, you will begin collaborating with your small peer group to design you synchronous 60-minute lesson for the students at the University of Toledo. Included in this section will be an online discussion board where you and your co-teachers can collaborate, pose questions and share ideas. Before co-teaching
6.3 Co-teachingOnline co-teaching a 60-minute lesson for students at the University of ToledoJuly 11 and 12(times to be posted).
6.4 ReflectionReflect on the strengths and challenges in the lesson you and your peers delivered to the students at the University of Toledo.Due July 14
6.5 Begin Personal Growth PlanIn this section, you will begin your Personal Growth Plan, using the TELL template. You will complete and submit it in the next module.Due on July 16(next module)

This module marks an important milestone in your preparation to be an instructor in your own STARTALK program or other language programs. You and your teaching partners will design and deliver a 60-minute esson to students at the University of Toledo. Like in the previous module, it’s important to follow the guidelines set forth. You will receive more detailed information in section 6.2 of this module. Please review it carefully and work closely with your co-teaching partners

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