4.2 – Background knowledge activator

Opportunities and Challenges in asynchronous teaching

You have had at least one experience with asynchronous online instruction: much of the work you are doing in this program is asynchronous. In this module, you will design and deliver a very short asynchronous lesson. You will also serve as a student for others who are delivering their asynchronous lessons and give them feedback. 

As you prepare for your asynchronous teaching experience, reflect on the opportunities and challenges posed by asynchronous instructional programs. What can teachers do to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges for themselves and also for their learners in asynchronous learning experiences? Post your responses in this discussion thread. Then, be sure to return to reply to others or to answer questions that others have posed on your post. Your replies could highlight common thinking between you and another participant, ask a question of another participant to better understand their perspective or make a comparison. This topic was locked Jul 17, 2018 at 11:59pm.

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