Module 5 Overview

Welcome to Module 5!

Click the play button on the player at the right to hear the introduction to Module 5:Play media comment.

Module 5 Learning Targets

  • I can create a learning episode that addresses a learning target and one communication mode. 
  • I can create a performance-­based learning episode that is appropriate for online learning environments.
  • I can provide my peers evidence-based feedback on their microteaching.

Module 5 Activity Table

Activity DescriptionDue Date
5.1 Conduct your online peer microteachingYou will conduct your peer microteaching to your PMG. You will use the resources in this document to guide you:

Microteaching and Think Aloud Resources  (Links to an external site.)

Before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, July 1
5.2 Provide evidence-based feedback on each of your peer’s learning episodes

You will use the CLASSRoad Startalk 2015 Evidence Form (Links to an external site.) and email your completed form to each of your peer “teachers”.Before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, July 1

Looking Ahead

In module six you will reflect on your peer microteaching experience. This reflection is due before 11:59 pm July 5.

You will incorporate the evidence-based feedback from your peers in your reflection. The Think Aloud Procedure Guide, the Screencast-O-Matic Guide and Ryan Lower’s Think Aloud example will assist you with this. These three items can be found in the Microteaching and Think Aloud Resources (Links to an external site.) document.

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