Co-Teaching in Synchronous Sessions

To further support your success as co-teachers in your upcoming Microteaching activity with the students at CSUSB, the following resources should be reviewed as soon as possible. 

Example Outline for Co-teaching a Synchronous Session

​Teaching in Synchronous Sessions Outline Example (Links to an external site.)​  – This is an example outline you might use with your co-teaching PMG members to plan the sequence of events and to designate who is responsible for various actions during your Microteaching with the CSUSB students. 

Synchronous Lesson Checklist

S​ynchronous Lesson Checklist (Links to an external site.)​  – This checklist will help you and your PMG to keep track of what you need to prepare for your Microteaching with the CSUSB students.  It also includes suggestions for how to prepare for any technical issues that may arise!

Pedagogy and Technology Resources

Tools, Tips and Resources (Links to an external site.)

This is a collection of the tools, tips and resources you have shared with each other over the duration of our course. Scroll down to around row 52 and you will see additional resources the CLASSRoad staff have shared that focus on staying in the target language as well as several STARTALK teaching resources. 

This document will remain open and accessible to you even after our course ends. Consider continuing to contribute resources to this shared document!

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