Independent Practice for Lesson 2

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For this activity, you will need the following online resources: 

  1. ACTFL Proficiency Benchmarks, Performance Indicators and Sample Can-Do Statements for the Novice learner (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
  2. You will also need to “make a copy” of this Google Doc, (Links to an external site.) which you will complete and then submit here to turn in your assignment. This is how you will get a version you can edit. 
    1. Click on the link above (“this Google Doc”).
    2. When it opens, click on “File” in the top left.
    3. Choose “Make a Copy.” 
    4. Rename it: “YOUR NAME 1.4 Independent Practice.” For example, NICOLE NADITZ 1.4 Independent Practice
    5. Now you will be able to edit/write on this document.

Here is what you will be asked to do on the Google Doc:

Thinking of your NOVICE learners,

  • Select one Mode of Communication and then copy the Proficiency Benchmark for Novice learners of that mode and paste it into the chart on your Google Doc.
  • Next, select a Performance Indicator for that Mode that you would like to target in your course.  
  • Finally, select a Can-Do Statement that would be appropriate for a single learning episode (lesson) in order to ensure students achieve the Performance Indicator you selected
  • Record all of these in the chart on the Google Doc you made a copy of.
  • Answer the remaining questions on the Google Doc.
  • Submit your completed copy of Google Doc by copying the “share” link and pasting it in this assignment. Instructions are provided at the end of the Google Doc if you don’t know how to do this.
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