2.1-Module 2 Overview: Start Here!

Welcome to Module 2! (June 21-23)

The focus of Module 2 is selecting and sharing learning targets with our learners.

This module will provide an in-depth exploration of the concept of learning targets, including how they are structured, how teachers select learning targets for their learners, how learning targets drive instructional design, how learning targets are communicated to students and strategies that allow learners to use the learning targets for self assessment and goal setting. This module starts on June 21 and ends on June 23 . 

Module 2 Learning Targets

  • I can set daily performance objectives that are focused on proficiency targets and are based on meaningful contexts. 
  • I can communicate learning targets to students.

Module 2 Activity Table

Please take some time to review the activity table below and to mark important due dates on your calendar so as not to miss anything! If you are fond of task lists, you may consider copying this table to a word processing document or printing this page so that you can check off each section as you complete it.

You can also watch a short video that will give you a sneak peak of some of the materials you will be working with in the module. 

Please review the tasks and due dates for our orientation module now and schedule your work!

ActivityDescriptionDue Date
2.1 – Module OverviewProvides an overview of the content of this module.Before section 2.2
2.2 – Background Knowledge ActivatorAn activity that will prepare you for the learning and content of this module.Before section 2.3
2.3 – Module 2, Lesson 1Through a short reading, a video and an infographic, you will begin a more in-depth examination of the design and selection of learning targets.Before section 2.4
Practice and application for 2.3 aboveAn online discussion between you and your colleagues in the course to give you a chance to articulate your understanding of lesson 1 and begin to apply the principles to your practice. Before section 2.5
2.4 – Module 2, Lesson 2You will continue to deepen and refine your understanding of learning targets through an extended teacher video, which you will watch on a Google Form. Before section 2.6
Practice and application for 2.4 aboveAfter watching the video, you will respond to a series of questions to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of how to use learning targets. Before section 2.7
2.5 – Think AloudIn this Flipgrid activity, you will be challenged to explain learning targets in a new way, to deepen your own understanding of how and why they are used.Before section 2.9
2.6 – Module evaluationIn addition to the above activities, you begin developing your STARTALK Learning Plan Template by identifying the learning targets around which you will design your students’ learning experiences.Before midnight on June 23!
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