4.6 – Sharing Stage 3

4.6 – Sharing Stage 3

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Now that you’ve added your Stage 3 Learning Episode (just one, and only a 10-minute episode at that!), you will share this with all course participants to get some feedback on your work.  Please attachyour work as a Microsoft Word file.  And don’t forget that your participation here is not simply to share, but also to provide feedback to your colleagues!

Activity Details

Part 1: Due before 11:59 pm on Friday, June 26.

  1. Click the “Reply” link at the bottom right of this message.
  2. Change the subject line of the message to something unique like, ”Maria’s Teaching Episode.”
  3. Attach your Microsoft Word document to the message.  Make sure you’ve named the word file with a unique name like “BHobgoodEpisode” so as to avoid duplicate files with the same name.
  4. In the body of your message, please include the following information:
    1. Any special context for your lesson not clearly indicated in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the document you share.
    2. Any concerns you have about trying this teaching episode online.
    3. Any special requests you have of your colleagues who review the episode.
    4. What type of feedback would be most helpful for you on your episode.

Part 2: Due before 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 27

  1. Please choose at least one of your colleagues for whom you can provide feedback. If someone already has feedback, please choose another colleague’s episode to review.
  2. Remember that your feedback could be seen by all members of this course. 
  3. Offer feedback that recognizes what is good about the episode,
  4. But also share any questions you may have about the episode. 
  5. Don’t forget that we are working together to collectively support a “growth mindset” approach to our teaching! 
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