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4.4 – Opportunities to Check for Understanding

In the previous section (4.3), you learned about the features of web conferencing platforms that can be used to check for understanding. While the demonstration took place in Adobe Connect, remember that the strategies and platform features apply to all web conferencing platforms. In this section, we’ll hear from an online instructor as he shares a Think Aloud of how he checks for understanding in synchronous sessions.  

Activity Details

1)  Watch the following short segments of a Think Aloud by Ed Dixon, who teaches German online for university students.This video contains two segments of a larger video.  In the first segment, Ed explains how he uses synchronous sessions to conduct interviews with students in his online course.  The second segment highlights a technique he uses for engaging all of his students in a single synchronous session.

Segment 1: In this segment, Ed is talking about his students from around the world, and how he uses a synchronous meeting with them to conduct interviews.  During those interviews, notice how he checks for understanding.  Please note that the segment begins with Ed talking midstream, but you will soon catch on as he begins a new topic. 

Segment 2: Here, Ed talks about his use of the chat module in the Adobe Connect platform.  

2)  After you’ve viewed the video, click the following link to reflect on what you saw.  Read the discussion prompt in the forum, then click the “Reply” link as directed to respond. 

Reaction to Ed Dixon Video

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