4.6 – Stage 3 of your Lesson Template: A Learning Episode

Since Module 1 of the course, you’ve been developing the component parts of the 2015 Student Program Lesson Plan Template. Your work on this template will prepare you for the peer microteaching learning episode and the lesson you will teach to these CSUSB students on Monday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 15.  Remember: The practice teaching with your PMG during Week 3 will require that you teach a single “learning episode,” i.e., an activity, while the teaching with the CSUSB students will be a lesson, i.e., more developed than your PMG activity.

Here’s a summary of what you’ve done thus far:

  • In Module 2, you completed Stage 1: What will learners be able to do with what they know by the end of this lesson?
  • In Module 3, you completed Stage 2: How will learners demonstrate what they can do with what they know by the end of the lesson?

Activity Details

Part 1: Due before 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 27 
Part 2: Due before 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 28

  1. Here in Module 4, you will complete Stage 3 of this template, but ONLY  for one learning episode.
  2. To guide your work, please refer to pages 8-9 of the paper you read in Module 1, From Paper to Practice. (Links to an external site.) 
  3. Complete only one learning episode in your template, focusing on only ONE mode of communication (Interpretive, interpersonal, or presentational)
  4. Once you’ve completed your work, you will share this document with the entire cohort of this course via the following forum.  Please carefully read the instruction at the top of the forum when you arrive on that page:  Sharing Stage 3
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