4.3 – Tools and Techniques for Checking for Understanding in Synchronous Teaching

Checking for understanding in synchronous sessions involves the careful selection and integration of strategies and tools.  As is the case in a face-to-face setting, it is essential to first identify the learning targets, or what students should know and be able to do at the end of the lesson, before you create your assessments, checks for understanding and learning activities. Further, it is also important to make these important decisions prior to the selection of any technology or tool.  Let’s take a look at some basic checks for understanding you can use in any web conferencing platform. The following overview video was created specifically for this course, and uses the same platform you’ll use when teaching your lesson to the students at CSUSB.

Activity Details

1) Watch the following video created by Dr. Bobby Hobgood, “Checking for Understanding: Techniques for web conferencing.”


2)  Now that you’ve viewed this video, we’ll share our reaction via a cool, free, web-based polling tool called Formative.com  Formative.com (Links to an external site.) is most powerful when used during live events, either synchronous online meetings or face-to-face meetings.  If you’d like to know more, see the following video: About Formative.com (Links to an external site.)


3) Click on the following link to a Formative poll to share your thoughts about what you just learned. Be sure to select the last sign-in option, “Continue without logging in“. You will then be prompted to provide your name.

Once everyone has posted, we will share a summary of the responses: Reflection on Checking for Understanding: Techniques for Web 

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