M04 - How Do I Provide Comprehensible Input in Synchronous Online Sessions? (June 23-25)
M03 - How Do I Use Realia and Props in the Online Environment? (June 20-22)
M02 - How Do I Provide Culturally Relevant Visual Input? (June 16-18)
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3.1 – Week 1 Learning Check

At the beginning of each week of the course, we’ll ask you to provide feedback on the previous week’s experience via a short only survey that we refer to as a “Learning Check.” This information is vital to both inform our current work as well as to inform future offerings.  Your feedback is anonymous and will only be seen by the course instructors and CLASSRoad Team.  Please complete this activity before you begin working on Module 3.  Click the link below to access the Week 1 Learning Check.” 

Week 1 Learning Check (Links to an external site.)

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Once you’ve completed this Learning Check, use the Navigation tab to continue to the next activity, 3.2 – Choosing and Using Digital Media for Meaningful, Synchronous Instruction.

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