M04 - How Do I Provide Comprehensible Input in Synchronous Online Sessions? (June 23-25)
M03 - How Do I Use Realia and Props in the Online Environment? (June 20-22)
M02 - How Do I Provide Culturally Relevant Visual Input? (June 16-18)
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3.2 – Choosing and Using Digital Media for Meaningful, Synchronous Instruction

We learned from Laura Terrill how we can integrate images to create comprehensible input for our students.  In this section, you’ll watch a video created specifically for this course that extends Laura’s presentation with suggestions and strategies for locating, choosing, and using images to provide comprehensible input for synchronous, online instruction.  You may watch the video as often as you like, stop and repeat, or even fast forward through any sections that you already know. 

This video will support both your Cross-language Microteaching as well as your Peer Microteaching with CSUSB students.

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