M04 - How Do I Provide Comprehensible Input in Synchronous Online Sessions? (June 23-25)
M03 - How Do I Use Realia and Props in the Online Environment? (June 20-22)
M02 - How Do I Provide Culturally Relevant Visual Input? (June 16-18)
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2.3 – Ask the Expert Forum

Consider what you learned from our session with Laura Terrill. What additional question do you have about what you have learned so far? What would help you prepare and deliver your cross-language microteaching activity and the CSUSB peer microteaching? 

This discussion will include all participants in our course. Please carefully read and follow the instructions below.

Discussion Details

Part 1 – Due before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 17

  1. Click the “Add a new discussion topic” button below this discussion prompt to create your question.
  2. Create a subject for your posting as follows: 
    1. Begin with “[First name’s]’  followed by “Question for Laura Terrill”. If you share a first name with someone else, please include your last name as well.
    2. So, your posting will look similar to the following: Barbara’s Question for Laura Terrill
  3. In your posting, share your question with Laura. For example, 
    • You might want to ask a question about something Laura demonstrated or shared with us during her presentation. Or, you may have a question about ways in which you can keep 90%+ of the learning experience in the target language in an online environment. Perhaps you have a question about one of the materials you read in Module 1 or about what you observed in any of the videos from Module 1.

Part 2: Beginning Tuesday, June 21 at 9 a. m.

  1. Beginning Tuesday, June 21 at 9 a.m., please return to this forum to find Laura’s responses. Laura’s responses will help deepen your understanding of comprehensible input and the ways in which we can use comprehensible input in our online learning environments.
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