Course Announcements July 14, 2016 Welcome to Module 8: Looking Back, Looking Forward In this final module, we'll reflect on what we've learned and how we will use our experience to inform our future instruction online and on ground. A required c...
M08 - Looking Back, Looking Forward (July 14-17)
M07 - Synchronous Online Teaching with CSUSB Students (July 11-13)
M05 & M06 - How Do I Collaborate Virtually to Prepare for Synchronous Online Teaching and Learning? (June 27-July 10)
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8.4 – Final Feedback

Over the past four instructional weeks you have deeply explored selected teacher characteristics and behaviors that promote student learning. You’ve created synchronous, online activities that focus the use of learning tools to promote comprehensible input. You’ve applied tools and strategies to support those selected criteria in synchronous online learning environments. You’ve learned how to give and receive supportive feedback to promote learning and growth. Finally, you’ve developed your own personalized growth plan for your online learning teaching practices and professional growth.

We thank you for choosing to learn and grow with us. We also have grown as teachers and learners through our work with you!

We wish you continued growth as online language teachers and hope you will continue to share and collaborate with your colleagues as you continue your teaching journey. We look forward to hearing updates and reflections during our fall 2016 follow-up web conference!

Important Survey

Please take this Startalk survey before July 16, 2016. For continued future funding it is critical we have 100% participation in this survey. We thank you in advance for your participation. You can take the survey here: (Links to an external site.)

Looking Ahead

We look forward to reconnecting with all of you in the fall when we will hold our first of two follow-up web conferences with Professor Andrea Guillaume. These follow-up web conferences are designed to support you as you work on your personal growth plan. 

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