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M08 - Looking Back, Looking Forward (July 14-17)
M07 - Synchronous Online Teaching with CSUSB Students (July 11-13)
M05 & M06 - How Do I Collaborate Virtually to Prepare for Synchronous Online Teaching and Learning? (June 27-July 10)
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8.3 – Building on Strengths: Your Personal Growth Plan and Peer Feedback

Post your Personal Growth Plan here

Now that Professor Guillaume has guided us in reflecting on our course experiences and helped us plan for our future growth, our next step is in formally developing our own personal growth plan. We will use this forum discussion to share our growth plans and to provide feedback to one of our peers on their growth plan. We’ll use this forum as follows:

Part 1: Due before 11:59 pm on Friday, July 15, 2016.

  1. Review the rubric we will use to evaluate your Personal Growth Plan. You can find this on page 9 of our course syllabus. Refer to this rubric as you complete your growth plan.
  2. Download the Personal Growth Plan (Links to an external site.) to your computer’s local drive. (Links to an external site.)
  3. Open Acrobat Reader You must have this installed on your computer: You can download it here: (Links to an external site.)
  4. With Acrobat Reader open, navigate to your downloaded Personal Growth Plan. Select it and open it in Acrobat Reader. Type your content in your Personal Growth Plan. Be sure to carefully review the rubric for the Personal Growth Plan as you are writing. It can be found on page 9 of our course syllabus. As you develop your Personal Growth Plan consider the following :
  • In thinking back on your prior teaching experiences as well as your experiences in this course, what do you feel are two (or more!) of your current strengths as a language teacher?
  • What are some of the ways in which you have grown in the goals you set for yourself in this course, specifically, with regards to the Learning Tools 1a-c TELL criteria we have focused on?
  • Looking ahead, what are three specific steps that you can take in the next four months in order to continue to improve your practice in Learning Tools 1a-c criteria?
  • What is one way you and your colleagues can support each other in improving your online teaching practice?
  • Questions adapted from Shemwell Kaplan, C. (2014) An appreciative inquiry approach to reflecting on teaching. The Language Educator, 9(3), p. 44.
  • Save your Personal Growth Plan while in Acrobat Reader. Be sure to save your Personal Growth Plan in a location you can easily find. That could be a folder on your computer you have created for this course or on a cloud-based storage system like Google Drive.
  • Next, return to this discussion forum and create a new discussion topic by clicking the “Add a new discussion topic” button below. 
  • Title your discussion topic, “Bobby’s Personal Growth Plan,” substituting your name for “Bobby.”
  • If you wish, in the body of the discussion posting, share any thoughts you have about your plan, and any aspect of the plan for which you want feedback.  
  •  Attach your completed growth plan to your discussion topic.

Part 2:  Due before 11:59 pm on Saturday, July 16, 2016.

  1. Offer feedback to someone who does not yet have feedback on their growth plan.  
  2. Select the “reply link” on one your peer’s Personal Growth Plan to offer your feedback.
  3. Use the Peer Feedback section of the Personal Growth Plan Feedback rubric on page 9 of the course syllabus to guide your feedback. In your feedback please provide your peer specific, supportive feedback on two of the following: strategies, resources, due dates or evidence.
  4. Remember that feedback is only useful if it validates or provides information that moves the individual forward in their thinking or work. 

To Continue

Once you’ve posted your Personal Growth Plan and provided feedback to one of your peers, use the Navigation tab to continue to the next section, 8.4 – Final Feedback.

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