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M08 - Looking Back, Looking Forward (July 14-17)
M07 - Synchronous Online Teaching with CSUSB Students (July 11-13)
M05 & M06 - How Do I Collaborate Virtually to Prepare for Synchronous Online Teaching and Learning? (June 27-July 10)
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5.9 – Connecting with your PMG for Adobe Connect Training and Practice

Confirming Your Peer Microteaching Group

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In preparation for your online, synchronous Microteaching with CSUSB students in two weeks, you’ll begin to work more closely with your Peer Microteaching Group (PMG). To accommodate some normal shifts and changes in participation in this course, it is possible that your group membership may have changed slightly.  To confirm your PMG members, take a look again at the PMG Group Members via the following document:

Peer Microteaching Groups (Links to an external site.)

Adobe Connect Training and Practice Sign Up Schedule

Along with your PMG members, you will as a group participate in training on the use of Adobe Connect and then your PMG will have time to practice in Adobe Connect.  A representative of your group (Please decide as a group who this will be.) must sign up for a training time and a practice time using Adobe Connect.  While you don’t have to have your complete lesson ready for your scheduled practice time, it would be beneficial to have already made some decisions about teaching responsibilities for your lesson so that you can practice using certain aspects of Adobe Connect like the whiteboard, screensharing, and launching polls. 

Open up each of the Sign Up documents below before meeting with your PMG so that you know the options for training and for practice.  Your PMG should then meet to decide as a group which time you will choose for your training and which time you will choose for practice in Adobe Connect.   One of you should sign up for your group using the Group Name that appears in the Peer Microteaching Groups (Links to an external site.) document (e.g., Group 1- Chinese)

Your PMG representative will then visit the following document to sign up for times. Please note, you must all receive training as a group and not individually, so you must all agree to and show up at the time you have selected.  

Adobe Connect Training Schedule Sign Up
 (Links to an external site.)

Adobe Connect Practice Schedule Sign Up (Links to an external site.)

Language Specialists Support

Don’t forget a key support to assist you as you plan with your PMG: The Language Specialists!  Consult their office hours (Links to an external site.) to identify a time when you can sign up individually or with your group to get some feedback on your ideas!

To Continue

The Learning Plan and additional STARTALK resources you need have been linked from the final section of this module, 5.10 – STARTALK Learning Plan Resources

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