7.3 – Create and Share Your Personal Growth Plan

During our final web conference on July 16,  we reflected on our course experiences as a step toward planning for future growth. Your next step is to formally develop a personal growth plan. You may recall from the beginning of the course that in addition to the TELL Criteria LE2b and c and LE4 a and c (Links to an external site.), and P6a and c (Links to an external site.), your learning in this course is also guided by the Professionalism criteria PR3 a and c. (Links to an external site.)  

We will use this forum discussion to share our growth plans. 

Please read all of these directions BEFORE you begin work on this section 

Due before 11:59 pm on July 17, 2018.

Personal Growth Plan Rubric

  1. Review the rubric for the Personal Growth Plan (Links to an external site.).  Refer to this rubric as you complete your growth plan. Nicole and the Language Specialists will use this rubric to evaluate your Growth Plan. 
    Develop Your Personal Growth Plan 
  2. Make a copy of the Personal Growth Plan template (Links to an external site.) to your Google Drive. 
  3. As directed in the Personal Growth Plan instructions, you will select one TELL Domain Criteria from our program to focus on. In the template, identify your selected domain criteria and respond to the remaining questions. By responding thoroughly to each of the questions, you will find that you have created a robust, but manageable professional growth plan, with resources, a timeline and evidence. 
  4. Get the shareable link (with commenting permission) to your Personal Growth Plan and copy it.
  5. Return to this discussion thread and click “Reply.” Type a heading for your posting like, “Nicole’s Personal Growth Plan,” substituting your name for “Nicole.”
  6. In the body of the discussion post, share any thoughts you have about your plan, and identify which aspect(s) of the plan you would like feedback on.
  7. Paste the link to your plan within your discussion post. Remember to use a link that allows “commenting” permission.
  8. If you have time, you may return to this thread to support your colleagues by reviewing their plans and providing feedback. For example, you may know of resources, technologies or professional organizations that can support your colleagues in their work.

To continue

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