6.3-Co-Teaching Students at the University of Toledo

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Welcome to our Synchronous Online Co-Teaching experience!  Please familiarize yourself with this information before the actual teaching occurs on July 11 and 12. It is critical that you be familiar with the schedule how you will connect in the rooms so that you can focus on your teaching when the time comes.

July 11 or 12 (check the document below for YOUR teaching schedule)

You will be co-teaching a class of learners at the University of Toledo. A member of the CLASSRoad Team will serve as an observer in each room providing assistance as needed. Your lesson will last 60 minutes.

How you will participate

Please review the following information as it relates to your role on the day you are assigned.

  1. You will be assigned one of the following times to co-teach:
    1. July 11 at 12:30 p.m. (Pacific time)
    2. July 12 at 12:30 p.m. (Pacific time)
  2. Consult this document to find out exactly when you will teach and in which Adobe Connect room: Co-teaching room assignments (Links to an external site.)
  3. When you enter the Adobe Connect room, run the Audio Setup Wizard before you begin to set up the room for teaching.
  4. Unless it is necessary for the flow of the lesson, you should mute your microphone to avoid audio feedback.
  5. When you enter at 12:30 you will have 30 minutes to prepare your materials and the classroom pods as your group would like.  During this time student-volunteers will also be arriving.  A dedicated staff member will be present in your classroom for support.

Link to your Adobe Connect room

Preview the document

Since we will all be teaching at the same time each day, each group will have an assigned Adobe Connect Room. It is EXTREMELY important that you access the appropriate room  Again, this information is located in this document: Co-teaching room assignments (Links to an external site.).

Test Your Equipment: As always, remember to run the Audio Setup Wizard in Adobe Connect to ensure your microphone and webcam are functioning properly. Make sure you are in a space that is free of background noise. Ensure that anyone in your environment is aware that they should not disturb you during your teaching.

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