3.7c – asynchronous language lesson sample – Chinese

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The following video is an asynchronous language lesson for novice learners of Chinese.

Activity details

Part 1 – Asynchronous Teaching Demonstration

Background information about the lesson:

This lesson was created by Penny, extracting materials from her second week, foundation module, for online Chinese 1. This asynchronous session summarizes simple greetings, basic numbers, and days. Students should study the materials in the module prior to watching this video, and they are expected to use this introductory content during their weekly synchronous sessions.

As you watch the video below, use the attached feedback form (Links to an external site.) to note your observations on the elements below, as well as other information presented in the form. You can print out the form, write on it, take a picture of it and upload it here as your submission. Here is what you are watching for:  

  • The use of authentic cultural images to support the vocabulary
  • The occasional use of gestures by the teacher
  • Use of the target language during Comprehensible Input
  • Checks for Understanding–and how the learner knows if he or she is on track
  • Other strategies used to direct the learners’ attention and focus

You can view the lesson sample here:https://youtu.be/fPj9H6xtiqM

Minimize Video.

When you have finished watching the video above, take some time to reflect on what you observed, what you didn’t observe, and what you think you might have done to enhance the lesson.  

Part 2 – Prepare to create your own asynchronous lesson (due in Module 4)

In Module 4, you will create and share an asynchronous lesson. You should make use of the STARTALK Learning Plan Template that you have been working on to develop your  learning episode (lesson). Remember that you will only focus on one teaching episode from the template, Episode 1.  To see how Nicole could have used it in the development of her sample asynchronous lesson (3.8a), you can look at her sample Learning Plan Template here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UL_lwIS6p9EXEBTkc-VzosmJiHGzwvd5rwcu0JgpjBU/edit?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)  

To continue

If you have watched and reflected on at least two of the asynchronous language lesson samples, please continue below. If not, return to Module 3 and watch and reflect on another asynchronous language lesson sample.

For those finished with the asynchronous language lesson samples:

Modules 1-3 were designed to provide both theoretical and practical instruction to assist you as you prepare for your own teaching programs. Now, the real work begins: as mentioned above, in Module 4, you will actually develop, record and share an asynchronous lesson! In fact, you should start working on that lesson NOW, because the modules are short, and you will need to have it uploaded by June 29 so that you can all watch some of the lessons and give and receive feedback on June 30, the final day of Module 4.

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