3.4 – Checking for Understanding

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As you saw in the module content leading up to this point, checking for understanding is a critical component of comprehensible input. It is strategically designed and purposefully placed at precise moments in the lesson. In this assignment, you will read and annotate an article about comprehensible input and then you will type a response to a question (below) to “submit” your assignment.

  1. Download and print this article (Links to an external site.)
  2. Annotate the article as you read: 
    1. Underline key ideas
    2. Put an exclamation point by ideas or concepts that are new for you
    3. Put a question mark by things you have a question about
    4. Put a start next to ideas or concepts you really like.
  3. When you are done reading and annotating, return to this assignment and type your reply to the following question: The examples provided in the article were for face-to-face classes. How might you adapt these ideas (or what other strategies might you use) in synchronous lessons? What about asynchronous lessons? 

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