1.7 – Live support: Language Specialists’ Office Hours

Your success in this course is a priority for us.  As such, we’ve implemented numerous supports to address your learning and participation needs.  Essential to your support system in this course are the Language Specialists you met during the Orientation Web Conference.  Each week, they will hold Office Hours in Google Hangouts to address course questions related to activity completion, navigation, and course schedule.  If you feel that your question requires that you speak in Arabic, Chinese, or Persian, then note the days for which the corresponding language specialist is available to make your appointment.  Otherwise, you can make an appointment with any of our language specialists!

If you are not familiar with Google Hangouts, please review our How to Use Google Hangouts page that offers a video tutorial of Hangouts so that you are prepared to connect prior to your appointment. 

We encourage you to make an appointment now so that you can minimally have the opportunity to practice using Google Hangouts, particularly if you have never used Google Hangouts before for synchronous interaction.  You will use Google Hangouts in Week 2 of this course to deliver a microteaching demonstration with one of your classmates who will be selected for you. 

Click the following link to schedule an appointment with a Language Specialist:  Language Specialists’ Office Hours  (Links to an external site.)

Please note: If you are comfortable using Google Hangouts, or wish to practice with a friend, colleague or family member, you don’t need to sign up with a language specialist. 

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