3-2-1 Things About Me

This ice-breaker activity uses a structure that you can easily modify with your students to get them talking, and in particular, talking about themselves. Here, we’ll use this structure to introduce ourselves to the learning community of this course.  Please carefully read the instructions before you begin working.  As is good practice, you may want to compose your thoughts in a word processor outside of the text editor in this forum, then copy and paste your text when finished, just in case there is some technology glitch as you work!

Discussion Details

Please start a new discussion post by clicking on the button “Add a new Discussion topic,” then share the following:

  • 3 things you would like us to know about you
  • 2 places you love to visit
  • 1 reason you enrolled in this program

When you start your discussion topic, create a post title using the following format: your name 3-2-1 Things About Me. 
You can see your instructors’ examples in this forum.  For example, Barbara entitled her posting:

Barbara’s 3-2-1 Things About Me

Be sure to read through as many of your peer’s posts as you can. Feel free to comment on a post or two if you wish during this week. 

We look forward to learning about you!

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