Module 3.3 Task 3: For the Next Webinar

How many of you are currently members of at least one professional organization?  In your mind, does it matter to join a professional organization?  In the next webinar, we will explore professionalism from a different angel by focusing on professional organizations and associations.

Choose ONE article/video below to read/view.  

While reading an article or watching a video, please keep the following guiding questions in mind. It’s recommended that you jot down your thoughts, comments, and questions to bring to the next meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss with your peers in the breakout room and reflect on the LMS discussion board when we reconvene on Friday, 11/10.

– How can membership in a professional organization expand your teaching strategies and resources to benefit your students?

– In what ways do you believe professional organizations can shape the path of your career?

– In considering your long-term career goals, how can active involvement in a professional organization propel you towards achieving them?
– How do professional organizations provide platforms for advocacy and influence in shaping educational policies?

1) The Value of Professional Associations (

2) 5 Reasons to Become Active in Your Professional Association (
3) Join Professional Organizations! (9’29”)

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