Episode 2.4.1: 3 hrs (Monday, 06/26)

Activity 2.4.1-1: Meet with your group members to brainstorm

You have experienced two microteaching experiences and implemented meaningful authentic content in your teaching. Although you had some collaboration with cross-language peers, this is your first collaborative opportunity with your language peers. 

Two heads are better than one, needless to mention that we have more than two heads in the group!  Finding a chance to brainstorm will allow you to consider a wealth of shared ideas as you prepare for your microteaching activities. 

Here are things important to consider when developing your lesson plan:

  • focusing your lesson around the theme of Identity to a group of novice learners
  • addressing both language and culture knowledge acquisition
  • developing a lesson that exemplifies the principles of Backward Design
  • ensuring all teaching and learning activities are purposefully selected to develop the skills called for in the learning target(s) your group will have selected
  • communicating your learning target(s) to your learners
  • providing your learners with opportunities to acquire language in meaningful contexts in the target language
  • engaging learners in a variety of carefully designed and sequenced checks for understanding in all three modes in order to gauge their success with the learning target(s) and to allow learners to monitor their own achievement
  • using a variety of authentic prints and mediate as stimuli that support interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational tasks
  • ensuring that your lesson will be delivered in at least 90% of the target language

Reach out to your group members to brainstorm on various learning targets you might be using for your microteaching.

The Synchronous Lesson Checklist helps you prepare for a successful synchronous lesson. 

To facilitate the first step of collaboration, your group will use a Co-teaching Collaboration form in Google Docs:

Step 1: ONE member of your peer group should add this document to his or her Google Drive (you will be prompted to “make a copy”)

Step 2: Share that copy with the rest members of the peer group and make sure to give everyone in the group “editing” privileges. Your team MUST use this to document to plan your lesson and one member of the group must turn it in.
** If you need help sharing Google Docs, please click here.
** At the same time, make it shareable with the instructional team.

Step 3: Return here to submit your Co-teaching Collaboration form by Monday, 06/26.

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