(Assignment 2.3.5-1) (PR 2, 4)

“Create a TOP 10 List” can be a fun and effective activity for students to gather their thoughts, reflect on their knowledge, and make language output with their ideas.

Let’s use this “Create a TOP 10 List” for today’s assignment. 

Step 1: Write 10 comments about the 2 lesson plan samples you have reviewed.  
* Focus on what you have learned from these lesson plan samples.
* You can also include suggestions for improvement as comments.
* You can put your 10 comments in random order, but it is a good idea to sort them in the order of importance.

Step 2: If you are asked to shrink your list from 10 to 5, what are the top 5 comments you are going to choose?

Step 3: Now you can only keep your top 3 comments.  What are they now?

Step 4: Take a screenshot of your 10, 5, and 3 lists and submit your work to the LMS

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