8.5 – Be A Reflective Educator via Catalyst-ST Summer 20201

Please revisit Catalyst again,  HADI-CLASSRoad STARTALK Winter 2021. We will NOT be available to see your goals, evidence, and reflections if you don’t SHARE them with the group.

You may use the following Module 6 learning objectives as your goals to assess your achievements. If you have accomplished these learning objectives you may apply your learning experiences or materials as evidence to support various TELL subcriteria. Remember to SHARE.

  1. I can evaluate and discuss approaches for co-teaching by reading and discussing which approach my Peer Microteaching Group (PMG) will adopt for our Synchronous Online Co-teaching. (PL7b)
  2. I can develop a basic understanding of how to use Zoom as a platform for synchronous, online teaching and learning through practice with my PMG. (PL7b)
  3. I can collaborate with my PMG members to deliver a lesson focus on intercultural communicative competence to (TL3a)
  4. I can utilize authentic resources with integration of technology to foster target language production (PL7b, PL7c, LT2b)
  5. I can use specific strategies for ensuring that the learning targets are embedded and referenced (PL7b)
  6. I can provide evidence-based feedback to my peers and students. (PL7b, PL7c, LT2b)
  7. I can modify lessons based on my own reflections and on feedback to ensure authentic content are implemented in learning plan to increase students’ linguistic and cultural awareness  (PL7b, PL7c, LT2b, LT3a)

Once you complete sharing Catalyst goals, evidence, and reflections, return and submit your links here.

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