7.7 – Additional Resources-ST Summer 20201




Performance assessment





Content materials on Intercultural Communication: 

Activities on Integrating Culture, Content, and Langugae

These two videos document the application of integrating Culture, Content, and Language in a real classroom. Learners are beginners and it is obvious that what you will see on those video may not be replicated in many classes we know of. Nevertheless. pay close attention to how the concept of integration is applied and how simple the language is used in what seemed to be a complex content. The language is used meaningfully and appropriately. 

After watching this video, reflect on its content and share your replies to only three of the following questions: 

  1. What new ideas did you come out with? 
  2. If you have previously used any or similar activity, would you doing differently? 
  3. Select a short activity and suggest How it can be modified to be used remotely in a synchronic or an asynchronic teaching?  
  • ACTFL Can-Do statements for Intercultural communication (check pages 3-4)


  • For further readings: The Importance of teaching culture in a foreign language classroom


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