7.5 – Collaborative planning for learning episodes-ST Summer 20201

  1. The group members should collaboratively select the learning targets they are each using and plan a cohesive learning experience composed of multiple learning episodes.
  2. Your students will have little to no experience in your target language, so the quality of the lesson design is critical to support their learning.
  3. Remember that on any given theme, you can create multiple learning targets across the modes of communication.  For example, if the group decided to do a lesson on greetings in the target language,  a learning target for the interpersonal mode might be, “I can greet my friends in the target language.“ That by itself would be one learning episode presented by one member of the group. The next member of the group might choose this learning target, “I can understand and respond when I am greeted by a friend.” for the second learning episode.  The third member of the group might choose, “I can greet an adult. appropriately” for the third learning episode. And the fourth learning target (presented by the fourth member of the group) could be, “I can understand and respond appropriately when an adult greets me.”
  4. You are encouraged to use technology to facilitate your planning and collaboration. For example, you might create a single shared Google Doc that all of you have access to for planning purposes. You can also make arrangements to meet with each other using Adobe Connect or another technology so that you can plan together in real time.
  5. Learning episodes should be presented in the target language, using strategies to make the language comprehensible to novice learners.
  6. Learning episodes should include opportunities for learners  to both demonstrate understanding of the target language and also produce the target language, if only briefly. 

Each individual’s learning episode should take no more than 15 minutes, including comprehensible input and nonverbal and verbal checks for understanding, all in the 

Activity Details

To facilitate your collaboration, your group will use a blank Learning Plan Template in Google Docs:

o   one member of your peer group should add this document to his or her Google Drive (you will be prompted to “make a copy”)

o   share that copy with the rest of the peer group, being sure to give everyone in the group “editing” privileges. Your team MUST use this to document to plan your lesson and one member of the group must turn it in. If you need help sharing Google Docs, please click here.When your group has completed the Learning Plan, submit your Learning Plan here as a shared link with “commenting” permissions.

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