7.2 – Background Knowledge Activator-ST Summer 20201

You have experienced two microteaching experiences and implemented meaningful authentic content in your teaching. Although you had some collaboration with cross-language peers, this is your first collaborative opportunity with your language peers. In this discussion thread, you will share your thoughts on opportunities and challenges in co-teaching and communicative competence in online learning

Activity Details

Reply to the following questions in the discussion thread:

  • Based on your experiences in this program, what are you excited about regarding your final microteaching experience?
  • What concerns do you have?
  • Would you like to incorporate any rationales or strategies from Lingling’s Webinar to foster communicative competence?

When you are finished with your post, return to this thread to reply to at least one other participant. Your reply might be in the form of a question or you might share a connection or idea you have based on what the other participant wrote.

Once you complete sharing your ideas, please return to this assignment and submit the link to your thread here.

To Continue

The following topics will provide you with deeper understanding and considerations in using authentic content to foster intercultural competence, and develop a collaborative learning plan with your group.

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