6.2b Create a Wizer Interactive Worksheet-ST Summer 20201

Your Wizer worksheet is “stage 2 – check for learning” activity in your asynchronous learning plan, which is a task or activity learners will do to provide evidence that they are making progress toward the Lesson Can-Do statement(s). 

Step 1: Create a free account as a TEACHER at Wizer.com

Step 2: Create a worksheet using authentic media to assess three modes of communication skills: interpretive (i.e. multiple choices, matching, etc.), interpersonal (i.e. prompting for voice responses), and presentational (i.e. describing an image by speaking or writing).

Step 3: As in the following images, by clicking “assign to learners”, you will be able to select how you want your worksheet to be accessed. 

Step 4: Sharing setting: VIA LINK; keep this assignment OPEN; Copy the link

Step 5: You will provide this link while you submit your instructional video to FlipGrid. Your peers will learn from your video and followed by practicing on this Wizer worksheet.

Step 6: Return to this assignment and submit this link.

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