6.2a Create the video lesson-ST Summer 20201

Submit your video and Wizer link to FlipGrid by February 16 

This assignment is to create the video lesson. 


  1. Review your notes from the lessons you watched.

2. Review your learning plan, noting any adjustments you will need to make in order to deliver this lesson in an asynchronous environment.

3. REMEMBER: this lesson is for NOVICE learners with little-no experience with your target language.

4. Create your video lesson. It should be no more than 10 minutes. (FlipGrid does NOT accept a video longer than 10 minutes!)

5. Be sure to share the learning targets in the video.

6. Use the target language, supported by visuals, gestures, etc. to provide the lesson

7. Don’t forget to build in checks for understanding and a way for the learners to know if they are “getting it” 

8. You may use any technology you are comfortable with to record your lesson.  

  1. Use “record screen” option in FlipGrid 
  1. Use Zoom to record a lesson. Save the recording to your computer. Go to FlipGrid, in the options, upload your clip.
  2. Use an online screen capturing tools, such as Screencast-o-matic  which works as an extension in Chrome Browser. Here is a tutorial on using Screencast-0-Matic. Download your video when you are finished, and submit it to FlipGrid.
  3. If you have an education account, you can use a Loom screen recorder to record your lesson. Loom works as a Chrome extension as well. Download your Loom video and submit the clip to FlipGrid. If you are only a Loom Starter user (not an educator account), Loom is not recommended since your video length is limited to 5 minutes

Instructions to Submit Video to Flipgrid

Further Instructions on how to record a FlipGrid video.

Then, copy the link, paste to a word doc with your name and date and submit to this page.

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