6.0 – Module 6 Overview-ST Summer 20201

I. Looking Ahead

Now that you completed your second learning planning for your asynchronous teaching. The first part of Module 6 is to submit your asynchronous microteaching sample with an interactive worksheet by Tuesday, February 16. Afterward you will provide feedback and revision of your learning plans for the learning episode.

The second half of Module 6 is to activate your understanding of using authentic materials to support intercultural competence.

All assignments for Module 6 are due Thursday, February 18

Please attend any language specialists’ office hours to debrief your second synchronous microteaching experience. You can find the office hours in the course hub

Our last live, synchronous session will occur at the beginning of Module 7on Friday, February 19 at 5:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. CT/ 8:00 ET with Lingling Xie will speak to us about Supporting Intercultural Communicative Competence Using Authentic Materials.

II. Module 6 Learning Targets

The focus of this module is to implement the following TELL criteria:

Learning Tools LT2: The teacher uses a variety of resources to help students produce language in the interpersonal and presentational modes. 

Learning Experience LT3: The teacher provides opportunities for students to investigate cultural products, practices, and perspectives in order to interact appropriately with others.

  1. I can conduct a learning experience that ensures at least 90% of what students experience is in the target language
  2. I can select varied checks for understanding to be sure my students are comprehending instruction by using interactive worksheet
  3. I can refine learning plans based on feedback
  4. I can understand the importance of discussing the cultural meaning of a product
ActivityDescriptionDue Date
6.0 – Module Overview Get a sense of everything we will be doing in this module.
6.1 – Language Specialist office hoursMeeting with language specialists and peersoffice hours in the course hub
6.2 – Create Your Asynchronous LessonSubmit a video and a link to interactive worksheet to FlipGridTuesday, February 16 
6.3 – Peer review and FeedbackWatch Videos and Give FeedbackThursday, February 18
6.4 – for Intercultural CompetenceReflect on Laura’s video share thoughts on Discussion ThreadThursday, February 18
6.5 CatalystShare evidence in CatalystThursday, February 18
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