3.4.3 [HW] Brainstorm via Jamboard

You will use an interactive whiteboard to deliver your lesson. Jamboard is highly recommended because it is free if you have a Google account, and it is easy to set up and for students to manipulate. EdPuzzle is highly recommended for off-line interpretive and presentational tasks as there is no limitation and you can adapt or modify existing sources. You may explore Classkick to benefit from the functions in both Jamboard and EdPuzzle.

Note: 1. You can only add up to 20 slides to Jamboard; 2. When you share your Jamboard with your class, make sure you share editor privilege to “everyone with the link”

Step1: Go to the following Jamboards to share your design of the synchronous learning plan. 

Chinese Teachers’ Jamboard

Arabic and Farsi’s Teachers’ Jamboard

Step 2: Read the instructions carefully and complete all tasks. You may refine your  after reading others’ slides

Step 3: Return to this assignment to submit a screenshot of your slide.



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