2.7.1 Summative Assessments

It’s time to celebrate your growth in Catalyst again. Please revisit Catalyst,  HADI-CLASSRoad STARTALK Winter 2021.  SHARE your goals, evidence , and reflections with the group.

Notes: You don’t submit all evidence for each criteria. Please only use the activities that you submitted for this Module as the evidence.

Activity Details

Use the following Module 2 learning objectives as your goals to assess your achievements. If you have accomplished these learning objectives you may apply your learning experiences or materials as evidence to support various TELL subcriteria. Remember to SHARE. Again, you do NOT need to list all activities.

  1. I can conduct a learning experience that ensures at least 90% of what students experience is in the target language (PL7.b, PL7.c, and/or LT2.b)
  2. I can select varied checks for understanding to be sure my students are comprehending instruction by using interactive worksheet (PF5a)
  3. I can identify tasks that address interpretive tasks (PL7.b)
  4. I can select a theme and determine essential questions (PL7.b)
  5. I can use backward design strategies to develop a lesson plan (PL7.b)
  6. I can identify can-do statements for novice learner (PF5a)
  7. I can refine learning plans based on feedback (PL7.b, PL7.c, PL8.c, and/or LT2.b)
  8. I can understand the importance of discussing the cultural meaning of a product (PL7c)

Tutorials as follows.

I. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Enter my group – HADI-CLASSRoad STARTALK Winter 2021

Step 2: Select any TELL subdomain of our course that you have accomplished within this module by adding details and clicking on + add evidence.

Step 3: Mark as a goal. Then, plan your goal.

Step 4: Select any format that you will enter evidence, which can be a text, google link, file, audio, or video

Step 5: IMPORTANT – Share your evidence.

Step 6: Rate your level of confidence in performing the action described by the subcriteria so they have to write a short reflection blurb. .

Looking Forward

Next, you will use your deeper understanding of using authentic content for intercultural competencies in designing a meaningful lesson for your last microteaching. Starting Module 7, you will collaborate with your PLG members to plan a co-teaching lesson.

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