2.4. Empowering Students to Use The Target Language-ST Summer 2021

Comprehensible Input and Output are the anchors of World language learning. While practitioners in the field are fully aware of those basic elements, theories and applications in classrooms continue to develop and knowledge is constantly increasing. Although using the target language and providing comprehensible input are fundamental to empower language output, studies of the Comprehensible Input have received more attention and elaboration. Therefore, we incorporate comprehensible output to be one of the main focus of this course. 


i) Comprehensible Input: The following infographic from the TELL Project offers an overview of this concept. Take a moment to review the following infographic and consider how it relates to what you already know about comprehensible input.

ii) Comprehensible Output: The following TELL infographic provides an overview of the framework and strategies to empower students use of target language. 

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