2.3 Using backward design for planning an effective lesson plan

Being a Reflective Educator on Catalyst

After completing all tasks in this module, it is time for you to reflect on your learning experience. 

Assignment Details

A. As a member of the CLASSRoad-STARTALK Winter 21 group on Catalyst, please upload evidence and/or reflections to Catalyst under the appropriate domains. You may create links to artifacts or files as your evidence.

The following may be some examples of evidence that supports various TELL subcriteria:

  1. Activities in 4.1 Microteaching and Feedback may provide evidence for PL7b, PL7c, and/or LT2b
  2. Activities in 4.3 and 4.4 Planning with Authentic Content may provide evidence or LT2.b

B. As you upload evidence for each subcriteria, you are asked to rate your level of confidence in performing the action described by the subcriteria so they have to write a short reflection blurb. 

C. When you are done uploading your evidence of attaining the various TELL criteria/sub-criteria and posting your reflections for each, please submit a screenshot of your Catalyst dashboard, reflecting your number of uploaded evidence and posted reflections. Your dashboard should reflect a minimum of seven (7) pieces of evidence and seven (7) reflections…Accounting for the evidence upload and reflections that you were required to complete in the Week 3 Module.

Submit a screenshot of your dashboard evidence and journal reflections on Catalyst via the submission portal below.

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