2.3.2 Activity Details

Watch 2 lessons: ideally one in your language and one in a language you don’t speak. You will review both of them in this assignment so you will probably want to take notes as you watch the two episodes. See the list  below for items you will need to write about in your review–this can help you with your note taking.  When you have finished watching the video above, take some time to reflect on what you observed, what you didn’t observe, and what you think you might have done to enhance the lesson. 
  1. Maintaining target language
  2. Checking for student comprehension
  3. Providing learners opportunities to produce language
  4. Technology use
  5. How the lesson you watched will influence the asynchronous lesson you are developing.
When you are done watching and taking notes on two of the lessons, return to this assignment to type your review of them or submit a link to your review created in another tool, such as Google Docs.
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