1.5 – Learning Objectives Versus Learning Targets

Learning targets express what students should know and be able to do in language that makes sense to our students.  They are derived from the learning objectives written for a lesson.  As you prepare to develop and teach the synchronous lesson with students from CSUSB, it is essential that you write learning targets that students can easily understand since the focus of the lesson is on the students and not you, the teacher.

Learning about Learning Targets

STARTALK has develop a number of resources to support our understanding of learning targets and how to write them.  The first is an overview of learning targets and helps us to distinguish them from learning objectives. Download the following document and read it before you continue:  Learning Targets: Overview (Links to an external site.)

Next, review the following infographic, designed to remind us of how we use formative assessments to track student progress toward learning targets: Learning Targets: At-a-Glance Infographic (Links to an external site.)

And finally, take a look at the following document that was designed so that we can provide feedback to one another regarding the extent to which we are effectively integrating and addressing learning targets: Learning Targets: Feedback Form (Links to an external site.)  You will use this form in Module 2. 

Applying What You’ve Learned

We’ll continue to discuss “learning targets in the next section, 1.6 – Collaborating with Your Peer Microteaching Group.  For now, let’s check your understanding with a short quiz.  Click on the following link to access this quiz: Learning Target Check for Understandingwhich must be complete before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 17. 

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