7.3 – Look forward to co-teaching-ST Summer 20201

Virtual Planning and Collaborating Suggestions

As you know, your focus in this module will be to work with your peer group to develop a 60-minute synchronous lesson that you’ll collaboratively teach online to students. You’ll use the Learning Plan Template introduced in Module 1 of the course in collaboration with your peer group to design and teach this lesson. Please read the information below very carefully!

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Important planning information for your co-teaching lesson 

In this program, you have created (or are currently working on) two micro-teaching learning experiences: one synchronous and the other asynchronous. Some of you have asked if you will be able to use those lessons for the co-teaching with online students. The answer isn’t just yes or no because you will be working with your group to co-create and co-teach the 60-minute lesson. If the group chooses to tackle the same can-do statements (learning targets) that you developed in your micro-teaching, then you may be able to use some or all of your lesson. But it’s also possible that the group will go in a different direction.

On that note, given how much modeling students need of each new word or phrase and how much processing time it takes for learners to really “own” new vocabulary and structures when we teach them, many of you may find that even for a 60-minute lesson, you only need one or two learning targets. The difference is that you and your group will include more examples and models and also build in many more ways for students to interact with that information and check their own understanding. 

I recommend that as you plan with your group, you aim for each person in the group being the “lead” instructor for 10 minutes. The reason for that is that lessons inevitably take longer than anticipated, particularly if you include an increased number of models and examples and also more checks for understanding. By aiming for 10 minutes, you have plenty of time to avoid feeling rushed when you present your content and also for the students to fully respond to the checks for understanding you have prepared.

In Module 8, on one of March 1 or March 2 you will be co-teaching along with the others listed in your group. On the other day, you will be peer observers so that you can provide feedback to another group based on the learning experience they will present.

Everyone will be online from 5:30pm PT on both days. Actual teaching begins at 6pm PT. 

Activity Details

Here is the link to the document listing your group assignments for March 1 and 2. Take this time now to note who is in your teaching team, which day you all are teaching and which day you are observing! You should start reaching out to your teaching team to plan this lesson by Friday. Followed by our guest speaker’s Webinar, you will have 20 minutes meeting with your group members in the breakout room.

To Continue

The next activity to prepare for your final teaching assignment.

You will work with your group to design up to four learning episodes (one learning episode presented by each member of the group) that when taken together, will make a cohesive lesson plan.

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