6.4b – Communicating via Visual Media-ST Summer 20201

6.4b Communicating via Visual Media

You will use these questions to guide you through the understanding of the next topic – teaching with intercultural competence.

Thinking about student motivation and engagement, what opportunities do the following three thematically organized activities below provide our language learners?

Reading a menu at a restaurant

Ordering food and drinks at the restaurant

Writing a blog post about your experiences at the restaurant

If you identified these as opportunities for our language learners to engage in meaningful, culturally relevant, real-world activities, you are correct!

We want our students to be able to use their language and cultural knowledge to communicate with others in authentic, culturally appropriate and meaningful ways. Visual media can provide our students insight and access into the culture and communities of the speakers of the languages we teach. Visual media can also help our students forge connections with other disciplines and help them develop their cultural competencies through comparisons with visual representations of their own culture.

Careful use of visual media in online synchronous learning environments can help us provide our students the means to develop their skills in 5Cs. Please review these 5Cs through this brief summary document of the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

After reviewing 5Cs, watch Laura Terrill’s presentation (up-to 17’45) on the Power of Image, which  focuses on how we can use images to support our students’ communicative skills in culturally meaningful and authentic ways.

After watching the first part of the video, go to the Discussion Thread. Share your ideas with your fellow participants and respond to other participants’ posts. Discuss with peers by reflecting on the follows:

  • When you had finished teaching and finished observing your Peer(s), what did you do to help you remember the successful things you did during the Microteaching episodes?
  • Share one idea you have learned from Laura Terrill’s presentation of the Power of Image that may change the way you choose and implement materials to support your language learners.

When you are finished with your post, return to this thread to reply to at least one other participant. Your reply might be in the form of a question or you might share a connection or idea you have based on what the other participant wrote. Once you complete sharing your ideas, please return to this assignment and submit the link to your thread here.

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