5.6 Be A Reflective Educator via Catalyst-ST Summer 20201

STARTALK requires participants in a teacher program to use Catalyst as a self-assessment to measure their professional growth along the program. By providing evidence and reflection, you document and celebrate your growth in Catalyst. 

After completing all tasks in this module, you should have the background knowledge about comprehensible input and output. It is time for you to reflect on your learning experience.

I. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Enter my group – HADI-CLASSRoad STARTALK Winter 2021

Step 2: Select any TELL subdomain of our course that you have accomplished within this module by clicking on + add evidence.

Step 3: Mark as a goal. Then, plan your goal.

Step 4: Select any format that you will enter evidence, which can be a text, google link, file, audio, or video

Step 5: IMPORTANT – Share your evidence.

Step 6: Rate your level of confidence in performing the action described by the subcriteria so they have to write a short reflection blurb. .

II. Sample Evidences:

You may use the following Module 5 learning objectives as a guidance to assess your learning. If you have accomplished these learning objectives you may apply your learning experiences or materials as evidence to support various TELL subcriteria.

  1. I can identify at least 2 technology tools to support a synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences (PL8c)
  2. I can choose meaningful digital media as authentic content for asynchronous learning activities (LT2b)
  3. I can plan for a learning experience using at least 2 authentic resources  (LT2b)
  4. I can design and deliver an engaging asynchronous video lesson by using authentic content for comprehensible input (PL8c)
  5. I can design an interactive worksheet to assess students’ language productions in three communication modes (PL7, PL8c, LT2b)

Submit a screenshot of your dashboard evidence and journal reflections on Catalyst via the submission portal below.

Looking Forward

You will receive feedback from your group leader by the end of February 13. In Module 6, you will submit your instructional video with your Wizer worksheet to FlipGrid by February 16. Once you submit your learning episode, you will play a role as a learner and provide peer evaluation based on your learning experience and observation from your partner’s instructional video and Wizer worksheet. 

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