5.5.b Design An Interactive Worksheet-ST Summer 20201

Wizer.me is a platform for teachers to create interactive and engaging online worksheets. Many world language teachers implement interactive activities to provide students with practices of interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills.

This is a sample from Rhode Nkomba, a French teacher, creating conversation scenarios to assess students’ interpersonal communication skills. A comprehensive Wizer worksheet designed by Angela Berge, a Spanish teacher, consists of tasks to assess interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills. Angela uses a wide variety of visual prompts and videos to interact with students asynchronously. 

Activity Details

You will design a Wizer worksheet to serve as a primary assessment task to supplement your learning episode in your asynchronous learning plan (coming up next). Therefore, please work on your learning plan concurrently with this activity. 

Please review this sample asynchronous learning plan. Your Wizer worksheet will be “stage 2 – check for learning” activity, which is a task or activity learners will do to provide evidence that they are making progress toward the Lesson Can-Do statement(s). 

Step 1: Create a free account as a TEACHER at Wizer.com

Step 2: Create a worksheet using authentic media to assess three modes of communication skills: interpretive (i.e. multiple choices, matching, etc.), interpersonal (i.e. prompting for voice responses), and presentational (i.e. describing an image by speaking or writing).

Step 3: As in the following images, by clicking “assign to learners”, you will be able to select how you want your worksheet to be accessed. 

Step 4: Sharing setting: VIA LINK; keep this assignment OPEN; Copy the link

Step 5: You will provide this link while you submit your instructional video to FlipGrid in Module 6. You peers will learn from your video and followed by practicing on this Wizer worksheet.

Step 6: Return to this assignment and submit this link.

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