2.5 Framework and Applications for Comprehensible Output-ST Summer 2021

This section is to review the TELL framework and implement strategies to empower students to use the target language, and how they can be effectively recognized and considered when planning learning lessons and episodes. Two types of framework are associated with Comprehensible Output: “Learners’ Reflections” and “Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR).”

Framework 1

Learning Reflections: The following two articles provide you with basic knowledge on enabling and scaffolding  students to reflect. Participants will outline and compare their understanding of what it is students’ reflection and the strategies for students to refine their linguistic output. 

Framework 2

Gradual Transfer of Responsibility (GRR):

The following 38-minute video highlights graduate release of responsibility for transfer and independence. 

To Continue

Upon viewing this video, you will need to complete a short test in the 2.7 topic section related to its content. In the meantime, you’ll complete a short Jamboard activity in 2.6.

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